Environmental Degradation: Causes and Remediation Strategies

Volume 1 (Pages 214)

ISBN: 978-81-942017-1-7 (Print)
ISBN: 978-81-942017-2-4 (Online)
DOI: 10.26832/aesa-2020-edcrs

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Environmental Degradation: Causes and Remediation Strategies

Editor: Dr. Vinod Kumar
Co-editor(s): Mr. Jogendra Singh and Mr. Pankaj Kumar

Brief Overview: The compliance of this book is helpful for academicians, researchers, students, as well as other people seeking the relevant material in current trends of studies on the topic of environmental degradation.

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Chapter 1: An introduction to environmental degradation: Causes, consequence and mitigation

Pradip Kumar Maurya, Sk Ajim Ali, Ateeque Ahmad, Qiaoqiao Zhou, Jonatas da Silva Castro, Ezzat Khan and Hazrat Ali

Chapter 2: Role of natural disasters in environmental degradation: An overview

Nitin Kamboj, Aditi Bisht, Vishal Kamboj, Neeraj Pandey and Akanksha Bisht

Chapter 3: Role of pesticide application in environmental degradation and its remediation strategies

Sudhanshu Bala Nayak, Alok Kumar Sahoo, Elango K., and K. Sankara Rao

Chapter 4: A review on general characteristics, classification and degradation of river systems

Vishal Kamboj, Nitin Kamboj and Amit Kumar Sharma

Chapter 5: Integration of treated agro-based wastewaters (TAWs) management with mushroom cultivation

Vinod Kumar, Madhumita Goala, Pankaj Kumar, Jogendra Singh, Piyush Kumar and Sonika Kumari

Chapter 6: Alkalotolerant consortium as a potential degrader of dioxin-like compounds of pulp and paper mill wastewater

Shweta Sahni

Chapter 7: SWOT analysis of agro-waste based adsorbents for persistent dye pollutants removal from wastewaters

Bashir Adelodun, Fidelis Odedishemi Ajibade, Taofeeq Sholagberu Abdulkadir, Hashim Olalekan Bakare and Kyung Sook Choi

Chapter 8: Current status of water pollution by integrated industrial hubs (IIHs) in India

Vinod Kumar, Piyush Kumar, Jogendra Singh and Pankaj Kumar

Chapter 9: ZnO nanostructures and nanocomposites as promising photocatalysts for the remediation of wastewater pollution

Satinder Pal Kaur Malhotra

Chapter 10: Remediation of heavy metals using non-conventional adsorbents and biosurfactant-producing bacteria

Swati Rastogi and Rajesh Kumar

Chapter 11: Management and sustainable energy production using flower waste generated from temples

Vinod Kumar, Sonika Kumari and Pankaj Kumar

Chapter 12: Solid waste management and its role in mitigating environmental degradation with special reference to recycling of wood wastes

Ettammal Sreenivasan

Chapter 13: Biodiversity of entomofauna with reference to habitat degradation at Pancheshwar dam site on the River Mahakali, Central Himalaya

Aman Verma and Manoj Kumar Arya

Chapter 14: Strategies to prevent environmental stresses by silicon fertilization in rice crop

Ardeep Kumar

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