AEM Language Editing and Proofreading Services

Agro Environ Media (AEM), the publication arm of AESA, is pleased to offer top-tier scientific manuscript editing and proofreading services tailored for professors, senior researchers, advanced students, and other science professionals.

Utilizing AEM’s Language Editing and Proofreading Services for scientific manuscripts significantly enhances the likelihood of your work being seriously considered by editors and peer reviewers upon submission to a journal or publisher. This heightened consideration often leads to acceptance for publication. Conversely, if your manuscript has faced rejection from your desired publisher due to formatting or language issues, or if the acquisitions editor has requested thorough resolution of such issues prior to serious consideration or acceptance, our scientific manuscript editing and proofreading team offers an ideal solution. When submitting your writing for scientific manuscript editing, ensure to include the publisher’s guidelines or author instructions alongside your document. This allows us to verify that your text meets all requirements. Additionally, any constructive criticism received from editors and reviewers, as well as your own concerns about specific aspects or sections of your writing, can be included. Such information enables your scientific manuscript editor to focus attention productively, facilitating optimal results.

Our team comprises highly qualified native English-speaking science editors and proofreaders. For further details on submitting your manuscript and applicable service fees, please contact us at

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