Contaminants in Agriculture and Environment: Health Risks and Remediation

Volume 1 (Pages 283)

ISBN: 978-93-5321-003-8  (Print)
ISBN: 978-81-942017-0-0  (Online)
DOI: 10.26832/AESA-2019-CAE

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Contaminants in Agriculture and Environment: Health Risks and Remediation

Editor(s): Vinod Kumar, Rohitashw Kumar, Jogendra Singh and Pankaj Kumar

Brief Overview:This book is a forge guide to the students and researchers working in the field of agricultural pollution and seeking to get relevant material to understand the current trends of generation, impacts and remediation of pollutants affecting agricultural systems. The book provides the collection of most pertinent material about themes to the readers.

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Chapter 1: An introduction to contaminants in agriculture and environment

Vinod Kumar, Pankaj Kumar* and Jogendra Singh

Chapter 2: Role of some emerging agro-chemicals in groundwater contamination

Ifra Ashraf*, Tanzeel Khan, Nowsheeba Rashid, Shazia Ramzan and Noureen Khurshid

Chapter 3: Organic wastes in agriculture: Risks and remedies for sustainable agriculture production

Sabah Parvaze and Rohitashw Kumar*

Chapter 4: Heavy metals accumulation in crop plants: Sources, response mechanisms, stress tolerance and their effects

Vinod Kumar, Jogendra Singh* and Pankaj Kumar

Chapter 5: Heavy metals in agro-ecosystems and their impacts on human health

Shefali*, Sudhanshu Bala Nayak and R.K. Gupta

Chapter 6: Human health risk assessment and mitigation of heavy metal pollution in agriculture and environment

Dinesh Kumar*, D.S. Malik , Sipahee Lal Patel and Varsha Gupta*

Chapter 7: Pesticides in agriculture and environment: Impacts on human health

Vinod Kumar and Piyush Kumar*

Chapter 8: A systematic review on global environmental risks associated with pesticide application in agriculture

Rohini Bhat, Manu Khajuria and Dalip Kumar Mansotra*

Chapter 9: Impacts of pesticide application on aquatic environments and fish diversity

Pradip Kumar Maurya*, D.S. Malik and Amit Sharma

Chapter 10: Pesticide applications in agriculture and their effects on birds: An overview

Ashish Kumar Arya*, Amar Singh and Dinesh Bhatt

Chapter 11: Impact of insect pests and pesticides on fruit productivity in Kumaun Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India

Manoj Kumar Arya* and Fasuil Farooq

Chapter 12: Groundwater pollution, causes, assessment methods and remedies for mitigation: A special attention to Indian Punjab

Mahesh Chand Singh

Chapter 13: Toxicity induced alterations as biomarker of environmental pollution

Kirandeep Kaur* and Arvinder Kaur

Chapter 14: Microbial degradation of plastics: Biofilms and degradation pathways

Saheli Ghosh, Asifa Qureshi*, Hemant J. Purohit

Chapter 15: Strategic framework and phenomenon of zero waste for sustainable future

Syed Rouhullah Ali* and Rohitashw Kumar

Chapter 16: Zinc oxide nanostructure and its application as agricultural and industrial materia

Satinder Pal Kaur Malhotra* and T.K. Mandal

Chapter 17: Application of husk charcoal for waste risk minimization by growing Acacia mangium (Willd.) on gold mining media

Basuki Wasis* and Kevin Assamsi

Chapter 18: A case study on changing pattern of agriculture and related factors at Najibabad region of Bijnor, India

Rakesh Bhutiani and Faheem Ahamad*

Chapter 19: Riverbed mining as a threat to in-stream agricultural floodplain and biodiversity of Ganges River, India

Nitin Kamboj and Vishal Kamboj*

Chapter 20: Climate resilient microbes in sustainable crop production

Raj Saini* and Sneh Sharma

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